Dog Rescue Groups

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Dog rescue groups are typically non-profit groups that specialize in certain breeds of dog or even mixes of that breed of dog. These groups are usually run by people who are pet owners and who are fans of that particular breed of dog. These groups usually also have several volunteer homes that will take care of homeless dogs until a proper match has been found for them.

Rescue groups are common in most areas for the more popular breeds and more groups are popping up all the time. Rescue groups will know a great deal about the dogs in their program and will be able to fit the perfect dog with your home. Often rescue groups will seek out dogs at nearby animal shelters whose time may be limited and "adopt" them to see if the rescue group might have better luck giving the dog a home.

You may not have to, but be prepared to pay more for a rescue group dog than for a dog at the animal shelter. These groups want to make absolutely sure that the dogs they’re trying to find homes for really go to a good home. An inexpensive dog can easily be purchased by a lab looking for test subjects or for some other devious use. These rescue groups also put a lot of their own time and money into these dogs by housing them, rehabilitating them and getting them the medical attention they need. The price you have to pay is simply a way to recoup some of the cost of caring for many dogs.

Volunteering For a Rescue Group

Many dog rescue groups are overwhelmed with too many dogs and not enough places to put them. You can help these groups by acting as a temporary home to potential adoptees. Expect a thorough and rigorous inspection of your home and facilities, though. Most rescue groups will be very picky about where they allow their dogs to be housed. If you can’t offer up your home, there are many other ways you can volunteer, whether by volunteering your time or simply donating money.

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