Dog Treat Toys

Written by Kevin Little
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Dog treat toys combine two of every bulldog's favorite activities, playing and eating. Such a potent combination is sure to be a hit in any household that contains a bulldog. Your pet won't know whether to run around or chow down! These toys certainly look like win-win propositions from a dog's-eye view.

So how do dog treat toys work? Well, they are pretty simple, but their effect on dogs must be seen to be believed. Most of these toys are simply rubber balls or wheels that include places to put snacks. One that ball gets rolling, the game is on! Dogs are known to tear down hallways or through yards after any sort of ball. The effect is magnified when that ball is carrying tasty treats.

The kinds of treats you put into these toys are up to you. The slots can be refilled any time. Since a dog need not destroy the toy in order to get the treat, these toys will last for quite a number of fun-filled afternoons.

Dog Treat Toys: Healthy Options

Dog treat toys can also be used to make your bulldog healthier without him or her ever knowing it! Some toys are designed to encourage dogs to "play" by flossing. These toys entertain a dog while also promoting tooth and gum care--a rather remarkable achievement.

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