Doggy Breath

Written by Kevin Little
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Doggy breath is one of the downsides of owning an overly affectionate bulldog. While unconditional love is certainly nice, it can also be rather smelly when exhibited too close to the face. Given the fact that bulldog affection often involves a tongue, one can easily see how pet halitosis can become a major stumbling block between pet and owner.

It's difficult to know how to treat a case of doggy breath. After all, it's not like bulldogs are big on chewing gum or carrying breath mints on their collars. There are, however, ways to deal with your pet's breath to make it less of a problem. Some of these methods have to do with diet.

Getting Rid of Doggy Breath

More and more owners are getting involved in finding the best diets for their bulldogs. There is now a greater range of pet foods available than ever before, a situation many have taken advantage of in order to provide healthy meals and treats to their pets. Natural foods aid digestion, increase energy and taste better than other pet foods as well!

Such foods can also help to eliminate some of the effects of doggy breath. Natural foods do not contain fillers, making your dog's mouth a more friendly place. Some foods are also specially designed to promote healthy teeth and sweet(er) smelling bulldog breath.

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