Ear Mites In Dogs

Written by Kevin Little
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Ear mites in dogs can be very serious, and must be treated quickly and effectively. Ear mites live in a bulldog's ears, living on the ear wax that is found there. They certainly sound like disgusting little creatures; worse, they can be very harmful to your pet.

Dogs tend to scratch their ears a lot, but those who do so more often that usual should be examined for ear mites. Ear mites in dogs look like little white specks. A quick investigation of a dog's ears might not show even the conscientious owner all he or she needs to know, so small are the mites.

Ear mites are annoying, and dogs may shake their heads a lot when infested with mites. If the condition goes untreated, ear mites in dogs can cause severe damage to a dog's ears. The lining of the ear can become inflamed, leading to pain and potential hearing loss. If the mites go too deep, they can actually tear open a dog's eardrum, leading to inner ear disorders that often manifest themselves as woozy walking and a general loss of coordination.

Treating Ear Mites in Dogs

Ear mites must be taken care of us as soon as they are spotted. In most cases, one is strongly urged to see a veterinarian for proper treatment. Steps can be taken in advance to ward off the appearance of ear mites, such as regular ear cleaning. Products are also available to keep a dog's ears free of mites.

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