How To Remove A Tick From A Dog

Written by Dave Tee
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Ticks can be a real problem for many Dog owners. These small parasites really are one of the worst insects to be found on Dogs. When they first attach to your Dog they are so small it is nearly impossible to see them. For Dogs with thick coats the problem is even worse. It is only as the Ticks take the blood from your Dog that they become very fat and swollen.

Unfortunately, for a lot of owners this is the first time that they have been noticed. Therefore, it is very important that we try to inspect our Dogs on a very regular basis to try to find them when they are very small. If Ticks are found on a very regular basis that it is advised that you use a product such as Frontline to treat your Dogs. It works very well, although finding a source of discount Frontline can be difficult.

The best way to remove a Tick from a Dog is with a pair of tweezers. They work very well and are inexpensive.

Part the fur of your Dog from around the area you have found the Tick. You will need to get a grip on the Tick right where it enters the Dogs body. Do not squeeze the body of the Tick. This may make it hold on tighter and can make it more difficult to remove. When you have a good hold of the Tick right at the base of its body you then simply pull it out in one fluid motion.

You must ensure not to twist and turn the Tick, simply pull it straight out and away from your Dogs body. Ticks can make the best of us squeamish but it must be removed as soon as found. A Dog covered in Ticks could become very unwell if they are left. Buy a cheap pair of Tweezers and remove them as soon as they are found.

Don't listen to the advice that you may be given that they come out easily if an extinguished match is applied or that you can smear them with petroleum jelly. It does not make it any easier to remove them. They still need to be pulled out the same way. It may even make it more difficult to remove them if they try to hold on to your Dogs body tighter.

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