Inflammation Reducers

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Inflammation reducers work to ease the pain of arthritis in dogs. Swelling and inflammation are two of the main causes of arthritis pain in animals. Like humans, dogs lose mobility during the onset of this joint disease. The degenerative nature of arthritis causes it to worsen over time, and if left untreated, it can cause a dog to lose its ability to move without pain. Agents that work to reduce inflammation can bring relief and work to help the dog's body heal itself.

Inflammation Reducers Bring Relief

Swelling and inflammation are the body's response to trauma. In the case of arthritis, the trauma occurring is the breakdown of cartilage at the joints. When a variety of factors cause this to happen, the dog's body starts producing more joint fluid in order to try to cushion the bones. This excess fluid is the major cause of arthritic swelling and the resulting pain. Thus, the key to pain relief in arthritic dogs is the reduction of this inflammation.

This can be achieved naturally. Nutritional supplements that target joint health have proven to effectively block inflammation by having an antihistamine effect. Histamines are naturally occurring substances that cause swelling in tissues. Blocking them can reduce the production on excess fluid that swells the tissues and makes movement painful. Supplements also act as inflammation reducers by repairing and rebuilding cartilage to replace that which has been lost. Once new cartilage is in place, inflammation naturally subsides.

It was once thought that the only effective inflammation reducers were synthetic painkillers such as steroids or aspirin. Now, there are other options that work to naturally heal a dog's joints. Nutrients can target the sources of inflammation and work to eliminate them. This approach works with the dog's body to improve overall health and well-being.

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