Jack Russell Terrier Breeders

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Jack Russell Terriers are a type or strain of hunting terrier with no real specific genetic make up or standard, but have been bred to meet a certain working standard. The Parson Jack Russell Terrier is an American Kennel Club recognized breed that has been developed through years of restrictive breeding. Jack Russell Terriers are small but friendly dogs have rapidly become more and more popular.

If you’re considering getting a Jack Russell Terrier, you should consider the dog’s exercise needs first. JRTs, as enthusiasts like to call them, are very energetic and require lots of exercise every day. Even if you have lots of land for the dog to play on, you might still need to take the dog on walks to work off some of its energy. If you do not have time for the energy demands of a JRT, you might want to consider not getting one.

Finding a Good Breeder

Because JRTs have been in such high demand, it is more important than ever that you look for responsible breeders who produce healthy, well-bred dogs. With popularity comes disease and genetic defects as well as an increase in ignorant but well meaning breeding. There has also been an increase in puppy mill JRTs.

This means you have to be extra careful when selecting a Jack Russell Terrier breeder. You should never, ever buy a Jack Russell Terrier from a pet store. These puppies come from puppy mills, which have no interest in maintaining the integrity of the breed, only in making money. The puppies at pet stores are likely to have genetic disorders, temperament problems and are often sold while sick, only to die in their new home a few days later.

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