Labrador Retriever Breeders

Written by Courtney Salinas
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The good-natured Labrador Retriever is a very suitable companion to a hunter or to a family. They are gentle and merry, two traits which also make them popular as therapy dogs. Labradors are also used for drug and bomb detection.

Labradors will keep their puppy attitude until about 5 or 6 years of age. They will need at least some basic training to direct their energy, or else they could become unruly and destructive. Labradors are equally at home in an apartment or on a ranch, given they are exercised sufficiently. What they need more than anything is dependable companionship from their people.

Labrador Breeders

When visiting a Labrador breeder, it is important to ask about health guarantees. Labradors are prone to hip dysplasia and any responsible breeder will have worked hard to keep such problems out of their dogs’ bloodlines. A responsible breeder will also offer a lifetime health guarantee on dogs they are selling. If you’re visiting a breeder and they try to play off the importance of a health guarantee, you should leave and look elsewhere.

You should also ask the breeder if the health guarantee they offer is indeed a lifetime guarantee. Some breeders will offer limited guarantees, such as a month or a year. There is no reason that a good breeder should have limitations on the health guarantee. Responsible breeders work very hard to insure that the dogs they produce are free from health defects. This will be reflected in their willingness to offer a lifetime guarantee.

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