The Life Cycle Of A Dog

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The life cycle of a dog encompasses many stages of development. With each one comes challenges specific to that stage. When their dog is still a puppy, pet owners are concerned with giving him the proper nutrition for growth. As the dog grows to adolescence, he faces the problems of fleas, ticks and other pests. Adult and middle age dogs start to encounter the diseases and ailments common to all aging animals and humans. Joint disease causes dogs to slow down and lose their mobility.

Stages In The Life Cycle Of A Dog

From puppy to senior, dogs' bodies go through some amazing changes as they develop and grow. During a dog's lifetime, he will encounter everything from growing pains to the pain of arthritis and other diseases that are typically endured by aging animals. Throughout his journey it is important that he receive proper nutrition and protection from pests and disease. A high-protein meat-based diet, nutritional supplementation and regular trips to the vet will all help ensure that his body can adequately defend itself against internal and external stresses.

One aspect of a dog's health that is becoming recognized as crucial at any stage of development is supplementation. As a dog ages, his body slowly loses its ability to fight the effects of environmental and metabolic stress. When a regimen of nutritional supplementation is started early in the life cycle of a dog, he is more likely to resist disease and thereby avoid the resulting pain and suffering. Strengthening the cells that build and maintain crucial tissues can delay or even prevent the onset of arthritis, cancer and other diseases.

At each stage in the life cycle of a dog, there are issues that pet owners need to be aware of and address. Being a partner in a dog's health and well being will help him live a longer and healthier life. Providing good nutrition is one way to do your part to ensure this for your dog, and this includes giving him supplements that will strengthen him against the ravages of time.

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