Long Hair Chihuahuas For Sale

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many sources from which to purchase long hair Chihuahuas for sale. However, it takes a high-quality breeder to know how to breed, birth and raise Chihuahua puppies. A little information about this lovely toy dog is important before finishing any transaction with a breeder.

The long hair Chihuahua is one variation of two within this breed. It is possible that the longer hair came from past breeding with the Pomeranian or Papillon. Despite this difference, there is little change in temperament, grace or devotion from the smooth coat variety.

Long hair Chihuahuas for sale will need a bit more attention applied to the hair. Periodic brushing and grooming of the coat, especially around the backside, will be required throughout the year. And, despite the large ruff of fur, long hair Chihuahuas are still susceptible to cold and must be either kept indoors or wrapped up when the temperature is low.

Finding Long Hair Chihuahuas for Sale

Because the Chihuahua is one of the most popular breeds in North America, there are many dog breeders eager to put their long hair Chihuahuas up for sale. However, there are some "puppymill" breeders who "churn" out dogs without socializing them to interact with humans. It is better to find a breeder who uses real one-on-one interaction with the puppies so they grow up to become great personal house pets.

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