Metabolic Nutrition

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Proper metabolic nutrition can help a dog fight the effects of degenerative bone disease. One of the main causes of arthritis and joint disease in older animals is the aging process itself. As the body ages, the cells lose their ability to fight the effects of metabolic stress. Nutritional supplements can assist the cells by flooding them with the micronutrients and antioxidants that they need to maintain their functions.

The Benefits Of Metabolic Nutrition

Nutrition that targets joint health has a host of other benefits for dogs. Not only can the right combination of nutrients protect and maintain healthy cartilage, it can also improve a dog's overall well-being. A regimen of chondroprotective agents such as glucosamine, chondroitin, zinc and antioxidants has shown to have a positive effect on allergies, skin and coat, vision and energy levels. Feeding the cells on the metabolic level can strengthen every system in a dog's body.

A dog that starts to show signs of arthritis can be given metabolic nutrition as a way to preempt the problems that are caused by untreated joint disease. Much pain and suffering can be avoided by providing a dog with the nutrition it needs to fight the inevitable onslaught of free radicals and other metabolic stresses. While there is no guarantee that your dog will stay free from arthritis, the proper combination of natural protectants will give him his best chance at remaining healthy and pain-free for longer.

Supplements designed to target the joints give the pet owner an option for fighting dog arthritis that was previously lacking. Keeping the joints healthy on a cellular level helps maintain the total health of the animal. Improving the metabolic nutrition of the aging dog is an important step toward helping him fight disease from the inside.

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