Miniature Chihuahuas

Written by Sierra Rein
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Miniature Chihuahuas come in all varieties and colors and can make great pets for people who enjoy the smaller things in life. There are applehead and deer head mini Chihuahuas, as well as longhair and smooth coat types. They can have the same temperaments as a full-grown Chihuahua, but are easier to clean up after and are incredibly easy to travel with.

A breeder can recognize a miniature Chihuahua by its newborn weight. Utilizing a Chihuahua weight chart, he can estimate the average growth of an extremely small puppy and chart what the puppy will weigh when it is full grown (18 months). If a newborn pup is 2 1/2 ounces, he is likely to weigh no more than two pounds as an adult.

The Responsibilities of Owning Miniature Chihuahuas

Unfortunately, miniature Chihuahuas are likely to experience more health problems than full-sized ones. Miniature puppies are extremely susceptible to illness and diseases at an early age. It is important for breeders to give these puppies all of their vaccinations and keep them in sterile environments until they are steady enough to be given to an owner.

Because they are so small, their owners must keep mini Chihuahuas safe from accidents. They can break their own legs if they jump from someone's arms onto a hard surface below. They can also be sat on if owners or guests are not wary of the dog's whereabouts.

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