Protect Cartilage

Written by Beth Hrusch
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One of the critical goals for the treatment of arthritis in dogs is to protect cartilage. Arthritis is essentially a disease of the cartilage, whereby this natural shock absorber is gradually worn away. The resulting loss of cushioning causes the bones to rub together and even to start chipping away. The result is pain and a loss of mobility that keeps a dog from performing even the simplest moves.

Agents That Protect Cartilage

Research has found that there are ways to fight joint disease without relying on synthetic painkillers or resort to surgery. In some cases, these solutions are indicated. However, other options do exist, and are worth looking into. Natural compounds that promote joint health are known as chondroprotectives. Together, these agents work to block the destructive forces that destroy cartilage. At the same time, they work to protect and rebuild new cartilage.

In many cases, the breakdown of cartilage is the result of the body's own metabolic processes. Aging cells can start producing enzymes that destroy cartilage. Chondroprotectives block these enzymes, thus halting their destructive effect. Once the body has stop attacking its own cartilage, these substances can start building new and healthy tissue. By providing the dog's body with the nutrients it needs to protect cartilage, chondroprotectives are vitally important agents in the fight against dog arthritis.

Nutrients that target the cause of arthritis give your dog a chance to live a normal, healthy life. Freedom from drugs and the trauma of surgery are two benefits of the natural approach to healing. Another is the knowledge that your dog will be healthier in general because of your efforts to protect cartilage from the debilitating effects of joint disease. Ask your vet about nutritional supplements that can give your dog a new lease on life.

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