Reduce Joint Pain

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Pet owners looking to reduce joint pain in their arthritic dogs should explore the exciting research that has been done in this field. It was once thought that the only option for dogs suffering from joint disease was surgery or anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain. Today, a new approach to joint disease aims to treat the root causes of it, helping the dog's body to heal itself from within.

The Natural Way To Reduce Joint Pain

Research into joint problems in humans and animals has found that certain naturally occurring substances can not only relieve the pain of arthritis but also help the body heal itself. Arthritis is a disease that affects the cartilage, causing it to break down. A group of compounds known as chondroprotectives can help rebuild and maintain new cartilage, so that the dog regains freedom of movement that is lost when bones lose their cushion.

Chondroprotectives basically do four things: they reduce pain and inflammation, protect cartilage from any further damage, repair the existing cartilage and help grow new cartilage. Formulas that combine these substances have proven to be the most effective, as they work synergistically to fight the effects of arthritis. Glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, zinc and antioxidants are a few of the agents found to have protective qualities for the joints, thereby helping to reduce joint pain.

The latest natural solution to the pain and inflammation of arthritis seeks to improve a dog's quality of life by giving him back his freedom of movement. The first step toward this goal is to reduce joint pain. Substances that are produced naturally, either in the dogs own body or from the earth, have the ability to do more than merely mask the pain. By rebuilding cartilage, they can eliminate the problems that cause the pain in the first place.

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