Reduced Risks Of Cancer

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Reduced risks of cancer can be achieved with the use of antioxidants that are derived from natural sources. While there is currently no cure for cancer, there are ways that pet owners can give their dogs a better chance of living their lives free from this devastating disease. With the use of nutraceuticals and supplements that contain powerful substances that fight cell damage, cancer risks can be minimized.

Achieving Reduced Risks Of Cancer In Dogs

Cancer is not fully understood and the causes of it differ with each individual, but one thing is known for certain. When cells are damaged and start to mutate and multiply, cancer often results. Therefore, a key to cancer prevention is controlling cellular damage. Doing so requires a proactive approach to your dog's health. Early intervention is a good way to ensure reduced risks of cancer.

A nutritious diet, supplemented with antioxidants that target free radicals, is proven to effectively fight cellular damage. Vitamins C and E, and oligameric proanthocyanidin complexes are powerful antioxidants that go after free radicals and neutralize them. OPCs may also have the power to recognize mutations within cells that could lead to cancer. They can inhibit these damaged cells and render them harmless.

Preventing cancer in your dog is a goal that every pet owner hopes to achieve. Antioxidant supplementation is associated with reduced risks of cancer. While there is no definitive preventative measure, these powerful chemicals can work with a dog's body to enhance natural defenses and rid the system of damaged cells. This gives your dog his best chance of living a long and cancer-free life.

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