Repair And Restore Cartilage

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The ability of a dog's body to repair and restore cartilage is an important factor in keeping arthritis from destroying his quality of life. When a dog's system is functioning properly, it can produce the amounts of cartilage and lubricating fluid necessary to keep the joints healthy. However, as dogs age, their cells lose the ability to keep producing new tissue, and the resulting loss of cartilage causes bones to rub together. This causes the pain of arthritis.

Repair And Restore Cartilage For Improved Joint Health

The current wisdom in the field of dog arthritis says that treating the cause of the problem is a better solution than simply masking the pain. While surgery and painkillers are still useful tools in some instances, many vets favor a more holistic approach. Nutriceuticals, which are nutrients that have the disease-fighting properties of drugs, are being used to help the dog's body fight joint disease from within. Nutraceuticals that specifically target joint problems are called chondoprotectives.

These agents have been found to work synergistically, that is, they work in accord with each other to not only relieve pain but repair and restore cartilage. Thus, they do more than merely dull the pain. Rather, they actually heal the damage done by the breakdown of cartilage. Some of these agents have the power to block enzymes that destroy cartilage; others are naturally occurring substances that the body uses to produce new tissue.

When a dog's body is given this kind of boost, its ability to fight joint disease is greatly improved. While there is no cure for joint disease, nutrient therapy can repair and restore cartilage and thus reduce inflammation and pain for aging dogs. This equates to a better quality of life and a happier, healthier pet.

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