Tips For Dog Grooming At Home

Written by jamesgoslingc
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If you have a pet then you will be responsible for taking care of him, and one of the most important aspects of health & care is dog grooming.

All grooming needs quality combs, brushes and clippers that can be found at all pet supplies stores.

If you take your pet to a professional dog grooming service center then it can sometimes be expensive. It is not something that cannot be done at home i.e., it is possible only if you have the time and the equipment. The first and the foremost thing is that you need to be extremely patient with your dog during the dog grooming session and don’t forget to reward him once it is over so that you don’t face any problems the next time around.

The second important thing is buying the right pet supplies to enable grooming at home. The different types of pet supplies that you will need for grooming includes:

· Bathing accessories: This will mostly include hair dryers, shampoo, conditioner and towels
· Clippers: This will consist of pet grooming tools like turbo clippers, clipper kits, combs, trimmers etc.
· Others: This can include an array of pet grooming tools like nail grinders, FUrminator de-shedding tools, Styptic powder, Matbreaker dematting tool, dematting combs, dematting rake, flea comb, area slicker brushes, undercoat rake, etc.

Dog grooming is important for all pets but more for dogs and cats with a lot of hair. Dogs like German Shepherds have double coat and experience a lot of hair fall and hence should be groomed regularly. Some of the important parts of the body that need to be cleaned and groomed include the skin and ears and it is a must to clip the nails for cats and dogs.

Cleaning the ears of dogs is an integral part of dog grooming because of the fact that they get a lot of infections through their ears. Dogs with droopy ears are highly susceptible to different types of ear problems and infections caused by ear mites, waxy ears, and fungus. You need to check the ears of your dog once every week and clean them as well. Another important part of dog grooming is clipping nails and this is mostly done for dogs, as their nails can grow unusually big. Although they will never hurt you with their nails but are quite capable of scratching you while playing. You need to clip nails once every 3 weeks.

Let us consider some other pet supplies you may need:

· Treats: some dogs don’t like having a bath or being clipped, sometimes it’s a good idea to have a treat to distract your dog.
· Dental toothpaste: this is an often-overlooked necessity when buying pet supplies. Dental problems in cats and dogs are one of the most expensive veterinarian costs during a pet’s life.
· Toys: a great hide bone or Kong toy is a great idea when buying pet supplies. Anything to distract a dog will always help, especially if they playful by nature.

The one thing that most pets hate and dogs even more is bathing. Except for the Retrievers almost all dogs hate taking a bath and cats will always shy away. But bathing is also an important part of dog grooming. Before you give your pet a nice bath, ensure that you have the necessary pet supplies like shampoo, conditioner etc.

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