Toy Chihuahuas

Written by Sierra Rein
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When one thinks of toy chihuahuas, the first image is of a palm-sized dog with tiny proportions. However, most chihuahuas are already under the official "toy" group, which can include poodles, Pomeranians, pugs and Shih Tzus. What most people are referring to when they talk about toy chihuahuas are "teacup" or "miniature" chihuahuas, those which are small and diminutive from birth.

These dogs are members of the world's smallest breed of dog. They are considered to be the ultimate toy lap dogs and are extremely popular amongst people with small living spaces or the those who enjoy the thought of owning a small dog. They come in both the short- and long-haired varieties in a number of different coats, including white, black, tan and an elegant blue.

Toy chihuahuas normally weigh anywhere from two to six pounds, although some larger mixes have clocked in at 12 pounds. Their small size is perfect for apartments or those with limited living space. They are also extremely well suited to travel and can be carried on board most trains and airplanes due to their tiny stature.

The Unhappy Fate of Many Toy Chihuahuas

One sad fact is that, due to their small stature and inability to protect themselves, many toy chihuahuas are abused, neglected and played with as one might play with a doll. They are delicate creatures and should never be put through this turmoil. If you are struggling to take care of a chihuahua, take him or her to a veterinarian, adoption center or animal shelter.

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