Toy Chihuahuas For Sale

Written by Sierra Rein
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Technically, all toy Chihuahuas for sale are regular Chihuahuas. The American Kennel Club utilizes the term "toy" for any Chihuahua that is six pounds or less. While there are large Chihuahuas that can reach up to 12 pounds, the average is five to six pounds.

Some people use the term "toy" to refer to "teacup" or "pocket" Chihuahuas, or those that are only two to three pounds. In previous years they were extremely rare and were found only as the runts of the litter. However, breeders with care can actually genetically create toy Chihuahuas.

Some toy Chihuahuas for sale are placed at high prices because of this specific breeding process. Indeed, some unscrupulous breeders will charge unheard of prices by labeling their normal small Chihuahua dogs "rare" in the hopes of getting a lot of money for them. However, it is possible to find breeders of toy Chihuahuas, rare or otherwise, for decent prices.

Before Buying Toy Chihuahuas for Sale

It is important to do your homework before purchasing any live animal, not just a toy Chihuahua. Talk or email directly with the breeder about the puppy's lineage and breeding process. Finally, make sure all registration papers have been filed with the AKC for both the parents and the toy Chihuahuas for sale. Make sure that these papers can be packaged with the puppy once this sale is completed.

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