Balanced Pet Food

Written by Robert Mac
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Balanced pet foods are vital to your pet's health, but read the labels closely--some manufacturers make more balanced feed than others. Generally, premium cat foods are better than the balanced pet foods made by the large grocery store brands. Pet owners should take pet health and nutrition very seriously, because unbalanced pet foods can lead to unhealthy medical conditions--even death.

It's obvious to many that balanced pet foods are important to pets, just as a balanced diet is important for humans. However, many people don't eat what they should, and this leads to serious medical complications. Household pets don't have the option to choose their food, however, and must eat whatever is in their bowl. Be responsible and feed them balanced pet food, or they will become equally unhealthy.

What to Look for in A Balanced Pet Food

Every company claims to know what's best for your pet, and each pet food they make is, in their eyes, balanced. What are they balancing? A balanced pet food should have water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins; the secret is getting the right proportions of each for a particular animal.

Some companies leave it at that: they balance those six ingredients and start filling their bags with it. Other companies use the best ingredients they can; for example, quality grain as a carbohydrate rather than refined corn fillers. Anyone can make a balanced pet food--just as important is a balanced pet food with healthy ingredients.

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