Cat Food

Written by Robert Mac
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Quality cat food can prevent against some serious health problems that endanger your pet's health and wellbeing. There are a number of conditions that afflict cats, from Feline Urological Syndrome to scalp allergies. Many of these conditions can be prevented or alleviated through regular exercise and a diet of healthy cat food and snacks.

You can prevent certain health problems by changing your pet's diet--it's as simple as upgrading to better cat food. Most large-scale pet food producers use cheaper ingredients to produce food in bulk--they put quantity over quality. Recently, many smaller companies have started making healthier cat food alternatives for concerned cat lovers.

Reduce Health Problems with A Healthier Cat Food

It seems so obvious, yet people (especially Americans!) forget it all the time: you can't be healthy on an unhealthy diet. Sadly, most Americans (about 60%), and many house cats (about 40%) are overweight, and a poor diet is the main reason. If you are concerned about your cat's weight or other health issues, check into what your feeding her first--it might be nothing more than cat junk food.

Feline Urological Syndrome is one of the more common feline problems, and many vets claim that improperly balanced cat food is to blame. Cats' digestive systems require certain acidity levels--acids help break down a cat's primary food, meat--and cat foods that don't have the proper amount can affect your cat over time. There are a number of other cat health issues that can be reduced or eliminated entirely by switching to a healthier cat food.

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