Cat Health Information

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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There is a wealth of cat health information on the Internet. If you are concerned about a change in your pet's behavior or wellbeing, however, your first action should be a call to your vet. If you are a new pet owner, a handy guidebook to normal cat activities can be a big help. Kittens and cats are not like dogs. They relate to people differently and are generally much more independent. Knowing more about cat behavior will help you to discern when that behavior changes due to a problem.

Cat Health

Even healthy cats spend only a small portion of the day moving around or playing. Cats really like to sit in a sunny spot or to sleep. If your cat is continually jumping into a drawer, you might want to purchase a small cat bed or cat structure because cats may feel more secure in a small space. Even a small cardboard box with a soft towel in it can do the job.

If your cat is constantly grooming and then coughing up hairballs, you should discuss the problem with your doctor. He or she will probably recommend that you spend some time grooming your cat each day. Some cats, even inside cats, get fleas. Ask your vet about flea control and use the recommended medication all year. This will help to keep your cat healthy and will relieve your cat's stress.

Cat Health Information Online

If you decide to look online before calling your vet, be sure you understand who is the author of the information on the website you choose. Some sites are offered by pet lovers who have no clinical knowledge about cat health. Others are presented by pet food manufacturers. The best sites to read are those that are managed by veterinarians, cat health organizations, or universities. If you have any questions or concerns after checking out these sites, call your vet to address specific issues.

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