Cat Supplements

Written by Kevin Little
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Does the idea of doling out cat supplements sound funny to you? I mean, only people take vitamins, right? Well, thanks to a groundbreaking premium cat food system, that situation is changing -- for the better.

After all, cats need their vitamins just as much as humans do. Nowadays, it is incumbent upon the conscientious cat food producers to include a vitamin supplement with their product. For even the very best dry cat food cannot provide all of the needed vitamins for every different kind of cat.

Different Cats, Same Cat Supplements

Cats have different needs based on factors such as their age, exercise level and genetic background. No single dry cat food can take care of the specific needs of each different cat. That's why cat supplements are so important.

For example, did you realize that a more high-strung cat will need more Vitamin B in his diet than a more mellow counterpart? While cat food on its own might not provide that needed nutrient, a supplement most certainly will. That's just one way dietary supplements can take care of your cat in ways you never realized, and proof that no cat's diet is complete until he's taken his vitamins.

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