Catnip Plants

Written by Kevin Little
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Known to the scientific community as Nepatia cataria, catnip plants provide cheap entertainment for all members of the household. All members of the cat family, from house cats to Siberian tigers, react in some funny ways to catnip due to the compound nepatalactone. This big word may in fact inspire a cat's most primal instincts. The "catnip repsonse" often induces activity common to hunting, such as rolling around, kicking with the hind legs, and pawing unsuspecting objects.

But fear not--it's all in good fun! The catnip response typically lingers for about six minutes, and they might be the most entertaining six minutes of your life! And despite the long latin words in the paragraph above, catnip is totally non-toxic to your pet.

Catnip Plants Mean No More Boredom

Yes, watching your cat react to the wonders of catnip plants is better than Blockbuster. But don't forget--you are not the only one who gets a kick out of it. Remember, while you go off to work or out to dinner, your cat is stuck in the same place all day long. Same old chairs to scratch, same old shoes to sniff.

But introduce some bulk catnip (or, better yet, organic catnip) into your friend's routine, and suddenly it's a whole new world! New sensations flood your cat's cute little head. Maybe your little predator is taken back to the days of his or her ancestors, roaming the plains in search of sustenance. And maybe not. But either way, it sure looks like fun!

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