Flint River Ranch Dog Food

Written by Robert Mac
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Flint River Ranch dog food was chosen as one of the country's best dry dog foods by The Whole Dog Journal--for the fifth year in a row. By all counts and measures, it is one of the healthiest premium dog foods on the market. Compare for yourself by checking their ingredients against the larger companies' ingredients--they just don't stack up against Flint River Ranch dog food.

Any responsible dog owner should be concerned about pet nutrition, just like the people at Flint River Ranch are. It's their award-winning commitment to healthy pet foods that has made them the big dog in nutritious pet foods. The fact that they surpass the recommended nutritional requirements says a lot, and that's only the beginning.

Flint River Ranch Dog Food Does It All

Flint River Ranch bakes their dry food, making it more palatable, digestible, and healthier. The baking process makes starches more absorbable for your dog's digestive system, allowing him to retain more nutrients. By comparison, foods with additives sprayed on aren't digested as well, and don't contribute to your dog's wellbeing.

Flint River Ranch dog food is also one of the only pet foods to use human-grade meats, rather than scraps or rendered by-products that other companies favor. In fact, their meats are as pure as possible: hormone-free chicken and range-fed lamb. If you want unsurpassed quality, Flint River Ranch dog food is tough to beat.

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