Flint River Ranch Food For Cats

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Cats are carnivores. Quite simply, they need to get a substantial amount of their protein from animals. Unlike dogs, which can live quite well on a vegetarian diet, cats really need animal protein as well as other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that dogs can do without. Finding cat foods that offer these essential ingredients in a grocery store brand is difficult.

Flint River Ranch Cat Foods

Cat food must be formulated with more meat or fish protein than is needed in dog food. Flint River uses all natural ingredients, including quality chicken and lamb. They then bake their cat food products under controlled conditions which result in a final product that offers a high level of nutritional value to your pets.

Baking also means that the end products are much easier for cats to digest, and that means they get the most out of the many nutrients included in Flint River formulas. Cats will need to eat less food to get more nutrition than is possible with just about any store or major brand cat food. Once owners give their cats Flint River, they usually notice a change in demeanor and an overall improvement in general health in their pets within a few weeks.

How Flint River Cat Food Benefits Pets

Amino acids provide the basic building blocks for muscles. Chicken meal provides Taurine which is an essential amino acid for cats, aiding in eye, heart, nervous system, and reproductive system health. Since cats need fats, Flint River uses a source that is preserved with Vitamin E only. The fats provide energy and support cell structure.

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