Healthy Pet Food

Written by Hoyt Neal, Jr.
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What is Healthy Pet Food?

That's a good question. The answer is not as easy as you might think. There are lots of pet food choices available to you today. You can get pet food in discount outlets, grocery stores, and even pet chain stores. The prices of pet foods vary considerably, but even the most expensive foods you can buy are not always the healthiest ones for your pets.

Millions of pet owners purchase pet foods on the basis of advertising campaigns or because they got a coupon in the mail or on the Internet. Others make the effort and pay the price for the more expensive brands thinking that the food will be better for their pets. Sometimes they're right, while other times there is very little difference except in price. Several noted veterinarians now believe that dogs and cats should be living far longer than they are as family pets, as much as ten years longer.

Healthy Pet Foods and Your Furry Friends

One of the primary reasons cited for the reduction in pet longevity is the quality, or lack of quality, of the food we feed them. In many cases, a significant portion of a bag of dry dog food is made up of animal and cereal by-products, things like chicken beaks, corn husks, and other pieces and parts of throw-aways that are very difficult to digest. This leads to allergy problems, dry skin, multiple ear and eye infections, lethargy, and digesive diseases.

Healthy pet foods, on the other hand, are made primarily of things like chicken or lamb meal, both of which contain considerably more protein and both of which are significantly easier to digest. Healthy foods for your pets contain no artificial dyes or preservatives. Instead, the freshness of these foods is enhanced by the natural ascorbic acid in vitamins. Healthy food for pets is usually fresher because it is manufactured in much smaller quantities and is not sitting in damp warehouses or on supermarket shelves for months. As a result, healthy pet foods retain much of their nutrient levels at the time you buy them.

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