Holistic Cat Food

Written by Robert Mac
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Holistic cat foods view health from a wide perspective and include a variety of holistic ingredients: free-range chickens, anti-oxidant vegetables, and brown rice, which is easily digestible. The holistic approach looks at the natural feline diet when designing healthy food for cats, and avoids generic store-bought brands. While claiming to produce balanced pet foods, the large pet food companies use many ingredients that are not part of a cat's natural diet.

The holistic philosophy is simple: natural foods provide our bodies with all the nutrients we need. The same can be applied to holistic cat food. Rather than eating bad food, getting sick, and taking medicine, holistic diets are healthy and preventative--all the ingredients are beneficial to the body. Doesn't your pet deserve everything that holistic cat foods provide?

Holistic Cat Food Is What Nature Intended

It's very difficult to feed your cat the exact foods that its ancestors ate thousands of years ago: field mice, young birds, even some amphibians. But your cat still needs the nutrients that a diet that like gave him. Holistic cat foods supply the same ingredients and nutritional requirements--and in a much more convenient package.

Many proponents of holistic cat food and other healthy pet products are critical of generic pet foods. Researchers have found lower-quality ingredients--chicken feathers and beaks, for instance--in some pet foods, as well as unnatural additives, colors, and preservatives. To avoid these artificial ingredients, feed your pets a holistic cat food and they will love you even more.

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