Holistic Cat Food

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you've been adopted by a cat or cats, you know what a wonderful addition they can be to your life. Cats will sit in front of your television and watch football with you, or they will follow the cursor on your computer screen before falling asleep on the papers on your desk. Sometimes, they will even deign to jump on your lap to catch a movie you like, assuming they don't sit on the remote and change the channel.

Healthy Cat Food vs. Store Bought Cat Food

Unlike dogs, cats cannot get all of the nutrition they need from vegetables and grains. Cats have evolved as carnivores with digestive systems uniquely designed to process animal protein. There is no such thing as a vegetarian diet that is healthy for cats. For decades, holistic veterinarians have been recommending that cats get as much raw food as possible, including chicken and lamb meal.

Not all pet foods are manufactured under the best conditions. For example, store foods may be comprised of so many unhealthy ingredients that they must be cooked at excessively high temperatures just to make them edible. The high temperatures rob pet foods of most of the nutrients your pets need. Then, after the nutrition is gone, preservatives and other additives are poured into the mix so that your cats will eat it.

Finding Holistic Cat Food Online

Healthy cat foods can be found on the Internet. You might notice that these foods seem to cost significantly more than what it would cost you to buy at the grocery store. In fact, some of these healthier foods actually cost less to use because your cats don't need anywhere near as much holistic food to maintain better health. If you want to try holistic food for your cats, check out several websites, and be sure to look for foods that contain the appropriate quantity of animal protein.

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