Horse Biscuits

Written by Hoyt Neal, Jr.
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Healthy Horse Biscuits Online

Let's face it; horses have a whole mouthful of "sweet tooths." They enjoy apples and sugar cubes and carrots and sweet grass. When you love your horse, why not provide him with the highest quality horse treats you can find? These biscuits enhance your horse's well being, are very reasonably priced, and your horse will love them.

You will be able to find a variety of horse biscuits online that you can use for training or just to enhance your close bond with your friend. The key to these treats is healthy ingredients, freshness, and baking for easier digestion. They are, in fact, great nutrition for your horse.

Horse Biscuits Options

You know your horse needs fiber, and one brand is made with applesauce rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers. These treats are great for your horse's digestion and provided nutrients like Vitamin C that can be depleted when you exercise him. Another favorite is made with honey, a natural sweetener that contains antioxidants in addition to several important vitamins and minerals. Honey biscuits are a source of energy for your horse as well.

Many humans are discovering the benefits of flaxseed meal. In horses, flaxseed provides the ingredients for a healthy coat. It is full of protein and supports both the nervous and immune systems in your horse. Look for horse treats online that include the antioxidants your horse needs. Remember that oven baked treats are better for your horse because the nutrients they contain are more easily digested.

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