Low Dog Energy

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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There are many breeds of dogs whose low energy lifestyle makes them an excellent choice for apartments and city life. While a daily walk and once weekly exercise sessions may be sufficient to keep these breeds healthy and happy, it's important to make sure their nutritional needs are being met at all times. Fortunately, today you can purchase nutrition bars for dogs online.

When to Use Energy Bars

If your dog is exhibiting low energy due to illness or recovering from surgery, tasty energy bars may make a difference in how quickly your dog gets back its normal activity level. Energy bars and gels are also great for older dogs, picky eaters, and working dogs who burn energy fast. Energy bars are great for dealing with low dog energy because they are formulated with an abundance of protein and essential fats.

If you take a morning jog with your dog or have spent a long time playing together, he may have lost nutrients that can be replaced rapidly by the protein rich chicken meal found in one brand. Bars and/or gel are great for restoring your pet's electrolyte balance after strenuous activity. The bars are relatively inexpensive and can even be used as a reward treat. Buying a box of bars usually saves a substantial amount of money.

Replenishing Energy Gels

Gels are especially good for dogs recovering from illness and after working hard. Gel comes in tubes that are easy to carry, and dogs can lick the gel directly from the tip of the tube. In addition, dogs that live in cold weather climates tend to need more nutrients in winter. Most dogs get those nutrients by eating more calories, but energy gels are also convenient and can be used even when you are travelling with your pet.

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