Natural Cat Food

Written by Kevin Little
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It feels odd to me that you should be reading about "natural cat food" right now. After all, shouldn't all cat food be natural? Herein lies the problem: many cat foods are pumped up with chemicals and preservatives.

This problem is also the reason this page exists. I am here to alert you to the natural options available to you and your cat. You should know all the facts before making such an important decision as what to feed your feline friend.

Natural Cat Food: More "Equal"

Speaking of facts, let's take a look at the list of ingredients on your current cat food. How many of the words on that little panel leave you at a loss? If there are any at all, you'll want to look into other options.

Fact is, all cat foods are not created equal. Natural cat food contains none of the artificial components found in other brands. I think you have a right to know what your cat is eating, which is why natural is often the right way to go.

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