Natural Cat Food

Written by Robert Mac
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Natural cat food uses as many all-natural ingredients as possible to recreate a cat's instinctive diet. Many commercial brand cat foods appeal to the human eye, rather than your cat's nutritional needs, and can cause medical complications over time. Using natural cat food instead of these mass-market foods will improve your pet's health--from its coat to its energy level.

Although cats have been domesticated for thousands of years, their biological constitution is the same as ever: once a carnivore, always a carnivore. The generic pet foods that we feed animals today do not always reflect what their bodies are designed for. Cats did not evolve to digest artificial colors, additives, or high-calorie fillers; natural cat foods supply them with what Mother Nature intended.

What's in Natural Cat Food?
The ingredients in many natural cat foods mimic what a cat would get while hunting in nature: raw meat, digested plants and vegetables, oils, and moisture. Remember, until about a century ago, almost all cats hunted smaller critters on the food chain, which supplied them with those nutrients. If you live in an urban area without a lot of lizards or birds, a natural cat food is probably the closest thing to get for your cat.

Animal owners buy more healthy pet foods than ever as they are making the connection between diet and health. For example, commercial cat foods are blamed for the rise in Feline Urological Syndrome, as there is not enough acid in the cat's system on this diet to prevent this condition. Natural cat food and other healthy products are one way to improve your cat's wellbeing.

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