Natural Cat Food

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Natural cat foods can take a variety of forms. The primary necessity in natural cat foods, however, is animal protein. Unlike dogs and some other domestic animals, cats are most definitely carnivores. Their entire digestive systems are designed to process animal protein. While cat foods can include ingredients in addition to animal or fish protein, there is no such thing as a healthy vegetarian cat food diet.

Natural Cat Food Options

Like dogs, many cats can survive on a diet of dry cat food if that food contains the necessary proteins. This pertains to cats that drink water on a regular basis. Cats that do not drink water regularly should be fed a diet that includes at least some moist/canned cat food. A cat that almost never drinks water can do quite well on canned food with some dry food available.

That said, there are natural cat foods that are formulated specifically for indoor cats. These cats may face skin problems and hairball problems that do not generally affect outdoor cats. This is due to controlled temperatures, dry environment, and the materials with which they come into contact such as carpeting. Cats who spend most of their time indoors are generally healthier and live longer lives, but they also need an adjustment in their diets when they get older.

Natural Cat Food Ingredients

Some of the items listed on natural cat food products include organically grown chicken, a fiber system developed to minimize hairball issues, and foods that are low in both magnesium and ash. Other good mainstays for cats are salmon, shrimp, lamb, turkey, and even grains such as barley. There are even natural cat food products that will reduce litter box odor and reduce the volume of stools. Finding the right natural cat foods online is easy. Cat owners can view websites that offer comparisons of ingredients and cost before they order. In addition, there are some websites that display user product comments and ratings.

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