Natural Dog Food

Written by Robert Mac
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Natural dog foods that were unheard of only a few years ago are now available in many pet stores and by mail-order companies, as well as online. Simply put, natural dog food is food that has not been highly refined or processed, and with as few pesticides, preservatives, and other additives as possible. As an alternative to mass-produced commercial pet foods, it is a healthy food for dogs--and gives peace of mind to pet lovers and owners.

As the interest in healthier pet foods increases, you can choose from a wide selection of natural dog food products, with ingredients like free-range chicken, organic duck, and a cornucopia of grains and vegetables. You can get natural dog food for puppies, active dogs, overweight pets and even dogs with certain allergies. Natural pet snacks and treats are also available, and you can vegetarian "pig ears," too.

What is Natural Dog Food?

A better question is: What isn't natural dog food? It may shock you to learn that a lot of consumer pet food is far from natural; yes, it's cheaper than natural, but at the expense of your pet's health. In addition to being high in quality meats and grains, natural dog food has been minimally processed and contains few, if any, additives. Mass-produced pet foods, on the other hand, are made of scrap meats, fillers, and assorted preservatives and artificial colors.

Like most industries, the pet food industry is in business to make money on a large scale, usually by cutting corners and using lower quality ingredients. The companies that make natural dog foods tend to be smaller companies with a priority on the health of animal companions. If you think your dog may be growing tired of highly-processed food, know that healthy dog foods are available.

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