Natural Pet Food

Written by Robert Mac
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Natural pet food is better for your pets than generic grocery store food: it uses better ingredients and less fillers for a more concentrated food. Many large-scale pet food producers are part of international companies, and their main goal is net wealth, not pet health. If you want the most nutritious pet food you can get, read the labels: natural pet foods are almost always better for your pet than the mass-produced stuff.

More than ever, pet breeders and veterinarians are feeding their animals natural pet foods--and they say they won't go back to generic foods. Grocery store pet food contains a number of ingredients that pets usually don't get from a natural diet: artificial colors, preservatives, and anti-caking agents, just to name a few. They make big batches of big bags to ship around the world and sit on shelves for months and months.

Natural Pet Food Is Designed for Pets, Not Humans

Sadly, the big players in the pet food business market their products for humans: bright colors and fish-shaped pieces are more appealing than a list of ingredients. But for your pet, and a number of natural pet food makers, it's the other way around. Many of these smaller companies started when vets or loving pet owners wanted something healthier for their animals and started cooking up their own pet food.

The bottom line is this: your pet should eat the same diet that its ancestors have been eating for hundreds of thousands of years. Short of letting them run out and kill a few birds, natural pet food is the closest you can get. Natural ingredients. No fillers, colors, or other synthetic stuff. Just the way your pet wants it.

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