Nutritional Dog Food

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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As a dog owner, one of your major concerns is usually the length of time your pet will be able to enjoy a healthy life. You may have even gone so far as to consider the more expensive brands of dog foods available in grocery and pet food stores. These foods claim to be premium brands and to provide your pet with the best possible nutrition.

Nutritional Dog Food Issues

Unfortunately, very few premium brand dog foods meet the minimal qualities necessary to truly promote pet health. In addition, many of these foods are processed in huge quantities and shipped to warehouses where they stay until they are needed on store shelves. The time between processing and purchase can be several months, leading to reduced nutritional quality.

In many cases, even the best of these dog foods contain animal byproducts such as chicken feet and beaks, entrails, and the remains of diseased and even euthanized animals. Fillers, such as low quality grains are sometimes included as are such items as restaurant grease. Obviously, the nutritional value of some of the major brands of "premium" dog foods is in question.

Really Nutritional Dog Food

High quality dog food is made from human grade foods such as chicken, lamb, and beef that would qualify for your own table. Manufacturers, often companies that have found a niche on the Internet, bake the food rather than rendering it. Baking at lower temperatures allows the retention of significantly more nutrient value in the foods. Batches are smaller so that the end user may have the food in her pet's bowl within a couple of weeks of its manufacture. Nutritional dog foods are preserved with vitamins rather than artificial preservatives, and their color is natural rather than dyed. Pet owners can, in fact, purchase these healthier products directly from the manufacturers either by placing an order online or by signing up for regular home delivery.

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