Older Dog Health

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Just a few decades ago, domestic dogs lived 20 or more years. They were basically eating the same foods their owners were eating with the addition of bones and marrow. Then came wars and K-rations developed for soldiers in the field. Major food manufacturers had taken a giant step forward. Unfortunately for pets, the pet food industry was born at almost the same time when manufacturers decided to create a market for the byproducts that were unfit for human consumption.

Processed Pet Foods and Older Dog Health

By the time a dog has gotten to the age of seven, and sometimes earlier, he or she is already experiencing the effects of poor nutrition. She can be facing heart problems, eye and ear problems, kidney and liver issues, and even the onset of bone and joint problems. Changing dogs' diets in the last decades has, in fact, shortened their lives by almost a decade, and pets are experiencing many of the same illnesses humans are facing.

Many older dogs are on medications that can have serious side effects and, in themselves, can shorten an animal's life. Because of all of these factors, it's important to take as many steps as possible to help your older dog's body to process quality foods appropriately. Older dogs have different nutritional needs and an altered ability to digest food. It's not too soon to be searching online for quality foods specially formulated for older dogs.

Protect Your Older Dog's Health

The best foods to buy for your older dog are natural foods made with human grade ingredients and processed to retain as much nutrient as possible. In most cases, the primary ingredient should be chicken or lamb meal. Foods should be free of dyes, preservatives, and food additives such as antibiotics and hormones. These items are as harmful to pets as they are to humans. If you even suspect that your pet is experiencing bone or joint pain as evidenced by slower walking or struggling to get up, you might want to consider looking at pet foods that contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Once you start your pet on the right food, you should notice a change for the better within a few weeks.

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