Organic Cat Food

Written by Robert Mac
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Organic cat foods are foods that are certified to be organic; that is, the ingredients are free of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, or bioengineering. Pet nutrition is more popular now than ever, and animal lovers are demanding quality food for their animal companions. For pet owners looking for healthy food for cats, organic is probably the purest food you will find.

People are more concerned with what they eat than before, and pet owners are now investigating what their pets eat. Their discoveries are disturbing: large-scale pet food producers use whatever they can as filler, from roadkill to chicken feet. Many small organic cat food companies now produce quality cat foods to oppose the large companies' unhealthy ingredients.

How to Feed Organic Cat Food to Finicky Cats

Switching to an organic cat food may seem like more trouble than it's worth in the beginning, but your cat will eventually get used to it. The secret is to start small: use only about 10% organic cat food and 90% of their current food, and increase the organic percentage 10% weekly. After a few months, your cat will be eating better than she ever has--and will be on the road to a healthier and happier life.

Many mass-produced pet foods are akin to fast foods for humans: quick, easy, and filling, but not that good for you in the long run. Organic cat food (and dog food also) isn't designed by large corporations looking to make a fast dollar--many producers of organic cat food got into the business to provide a healthy alternative to that kind of mentality. A responsible pet owner who cares for their cat's wellbeing should get the healthiest food possible, with the highest quality ingredients available.

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