Organic Catnip

Written by Kevin Little
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No matter what your cat's personality, he or she will likely be drawn to organic catnip. Perhaps your cat is the diva type, who will appreciate this catnip for its high quality. Or maybe you have an alternative rocker cat, who will dig on the environmentally-safe process that goes into creating this product.

Either way, organic catnip is best both for your cat and for the world at large. Appropriate at the finest feline dinner party or an Earth Day rally, this fresh catnip is the most versatile of products. And now that bulk catnip is available, you and your kitty will never have to worry about having enough for those unexpected guests that could drop by at any second.

Your Cat Deserves Organic Catnip

What's the use of catnip if it's full of weeds and stems or even pesticides? By going with this premium organic product, you save you cat the trouble of chewing unwanted plant material or ingesting artificial materials, which can be as helpful to your peace of mind as it is to your furry friend's health.

Besides, what's better than a cat that feels socially responsible? You know how good you feel when you use products that are safe for the environment, and you know how smart your cat is. You really think your cat won't notice if you try to substitute some inferior catnip for the organic product he or she takes pride in -- and deserves?

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I'll be spending the wenkeed over at Mean Kitty. It's nice to know that I'm not the only person in history to be attacked by a cat.I brought a kitten home when I was 21 that had been dropped in the pet food store I was working in. The kitten hadn't even been weaned properly so when it peed on me I knew he was mine forever.I think he became a biter and scratcher because he didn't grow up with other kittens - thus, he didn't learn that that kind of behaviour hurt. I bottle fed the monkey for weeks!!I get married and my mom won't let me take the cat with me. I can't be at my parent's house for more than 10 minutes before the cat finds me and leaps up to bite any exposed flesh. I figure he is mad at me for leaving him all those years ago. Meanwhile my husband can invoke a kitty pool of drool just by saying his name.There have been a few times he has clamped onto my wrist so hard that someone has had to pry him off me! We think he can smell my own two cats on me and he is jealous. My 2 cats are so snuggly and sweet it is hard to know a kitten I bottle fed can't stand me :( Still love him though. I may have to send his cute pic to the site.And on I go - sheeshNicole - I recieved my books in the mail today! Thanks! I totally forgot I was getting them!CindyS