Organic Dog Food

Written by Robert Mac
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Organic dog foods were almost non-existent a few years ago, but are now produced by many companies, and must meet strict guidelines to be certified as organic. Pet owners and veterinarians have demanded healthy food for dogs in recent years, and many smaller companies have filled this need by making organic dog food and other organic pet food. As food sciences continue to evolve, we are more aware of the importance of diet in one's health-for humans and canines alike.

A small group of multinationals control most of the generic pet food market, focusing their efforts on quantity, not quality. Most of the mass-produced pet foods skimp on important nutritional ingredients, causing many pet ailments and allergies. In recent years, however, a number of individuals and small companies have developed organic dog food products as an alternative to highly processed dog foods.

Organic Dog Food: Why Your Pet Should Eat as Well as You

Any dog owner will tell you that their pet is a part of their family as much as any of their relatives. So, shouldn't they feed their pets food that is as healthy and nutritious as the rest of the family's? Animal advocates, pet owners, and veterinarians have known for years that healthful foods, including organic dog food, are the best way to maintain a pet's health--your pet deserves nothing less.

Most organic dog food on the market today follows the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutritional guidelines, and contains only certified organic ingredients. Naturally, dogs' diets do not include artificial colors, scrap meat by-products, or empty fillers, yet these ingredients are common in many commercial dog foods. The old adage "You are what you eat" applies to every species, and the growing demand for organic dog food products shows that people are now more concerned about the health of their animal companions.

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