Pet Health

Written by Robert Mac
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Pet health is a concern for pet owners, animal advocates, veterinarians, and, most importantly, pets. Since they can't do much to take care of their health, it's up to their owners to be responsible and look out for them. Sadly, some people make only minimum efforts to maintain the pet health of their animal companions.

There are a number of factors that effect pet health, some of which are out of your control. Heredity is one example: you can't change your dog or cat's DNA very easily. Diet and exercise, though, are under your control. By exercising and feeding them healthy food for pets, you can greatly improve pet health.

Nutritious Foods Increase Pet Health

Robert Fulghum was right: everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten. But we forget the obvious stuff over the years, like the relationship between pet diet and pet health. The most direct way to improve or maintain your pet's wellbeing is through a healthy diet--it's as simple as that.

Vets and others who study pet nutrition recommend, of course, the healthiest foods for your dog or cat. Anything short of that can and will affect your pet's health; the degree depends on the quality of the food you feed them. For optimal pet health, start with the healthiest pet foods and products you can find.

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