Premium Cat Food

Written by Robert Mac
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Premium cat foods are some of the most nutritious on the market, and contain the finest ingredients. While some large companies use lower-grade meats and excessive fillers, most premium cat food uses human-grade ingredients for your cat's benefit and enjoyment. If you are concerned about healthy food for cats, compare the labels of mass-produced pet foods and premium cat food--you'll see a vast difference.

Cat owners, veterinarians, and other animal advocates have known for many years that a cat's diet should reflect what it would eat in the wild. Why do the big cat food makers make their feed with heads and intestines, as well as preservatives and colors? They have found an inexpensive way to make a product that appeals to human consumers--and not to a cat's diet.

Why Premium Cat Food Is Better Than Generic

The generic cat food that you buy in grocery stores is filled with ingredients that are not naturally part of a cat's diet. They are generally lower in the nutrients a cat actually needs, and your cat ends up eating more of it to compensate. And the more it eats, the more you have to scoop out of the litter box.

Premium cat food is more concentrated because it doesn't have empty-calorie fillers that make commercial cat food bags so bulky. It also doesn't use lower-quality products, so your cat's system is able to absorb and use nutrients easier. As the importance of pet nutrition becomes commonplace, people are more adamant about feeding premium cat food to their beloved pets.

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