Premium Dog Food

Written by Robert Mac
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Premium dog foods are available online, by mail order, and in specialty shops; however, many cannot be found in groceries or "big box" stores. Why? Most premium dog food makers are small companies that make food in small batches--they have trouble competing against the mass-produced dog food makers. If you want the best natural pet foods, you generally have to search it out--but your dog's well-being is worth it.

There are a number of premium dog foods available today, as more people are interested in providing their pets with the best food they can. While you can drive to the corner store and get a bag of generic dog food, your dog would much rather that you got something healthier. Premium dog foods provide additive-free, quality ingredients that set them apart from the ordinary, and are much better for your dog's health than generic brands.

Why Get Premium Dog Food? Isn't It More Expensive?

Yes, a bag of premium dog food will cost more than a bag of kibbles, but because it's packed with nutrients, you will use less in the long run. One study showed that economy dog food ended up costing seven cents more per serving than premium food, as the dogs had to eat much more of it to get the same nutrients. Lower quality pet food is bulked up with cheap filler and--like those cereal commercials--you need more bowls of it to get the required nutrients.

Premium dog foods, like Flint River Ranch dog food, are more popular now than ever because concerned dog owners, as well as vets and animal activists, are advocating healthier foods. Your dog's health is based on a number of factors--exercise, heredity, and environment--but the one that you can most easily control is probably the most important: diet. A premium dog food is the best way to tell your dog that he is your best friend.

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