Premium Dog Food Comparisons

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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One way to find the best premium dog food is to check out websites that offer product comparisons. There you will find lists of ingredients, information about how the dog food is processed, and how premium food stands up to what you can buy in your local grocery or pet store. Once you know what you're buying and how it affects your pet, you will be able to make an informed choice.

Premium Dog Food Comparison Objectives

What you should be looking for specifically are the ingredients, paying special attention to the position of each ingredient on the lists. Just as with human foods, the ingredients are listed in order of the amount in the product. If the first ingredient, for example, is ground yellow corn, then that is the primary ingredient in the dog food.

For your pet's health, you should be looking for a meat product to be listed first. Lamb and chicken are two good choices for first place in a premium dog food. Even premium dog foods can contain grains and vegetables as well as added vitamins and minerals, so don't be surprised to find them. They can be beneficial to your pet.

The Bottom of the List

If you find that the bottom half of the list is made up of several ingredients whose names mean nothing to you, you are probably looking at chemical additives that your pet doesn't need. Artificial flavors and chemicals, preservatives, and even unhealthy animal byproducts are not good for your pet. Premium dog food comparisons can help you to determine which pet food will satisfy your pet's nutritional needs. One final issue you should consider is that, while premium dog foods you can buy online may cost more per bag, they will often cost less because your pet will get the best nutrition from smaller portions.

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