Premium Pet Food

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Some of the pet foods you can find in local stores are listed as "premium." They are said to contain better ingredients, to be fresher, to help maintain a healthy coat, a sound liver, good kidney function, and strong bones and teeth. In most cases, they are actually better for your pets than discount and store brand foods. They are not, however, premium quality if premium is defined as the healthiest pet foods available.

The Difference in Premium Pet Foods

You will often find that truly premium pet foods come in greater variety than store brand foods. Since they are specially formulated to promote health and quality of life, you will find puppy and kitten foods that contain higher quantities of the nutrients they need to build strong bones while, at the same time, being more digestible than adult foods.

Premium pet food brands may have a senior food, a food for overweight pets, a food that will help control kidney problems, and even foods for pets that compete in shows. In general, premium foods appear to cost more than the foods on your store shelves. They can, however, ultimately cost less since your pets will not be eating fillers. In the long run, they can even save you money on vet bills.

Noticing the Differences

Once you start your pets on premium foods, you should begin to notice changes in your pet's look and behavior. Shining coats, brighter eyes, and much more energy are common improvements. You might even notice that your pet's temperament becomes steadier, and that she is sleeping better. Older pets may experience more flexibility in their joints which will allow them more freedom of movement and will allow you to have more quality time with them.

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