Puppy Food

Written by Robert Mac
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Not all puppy food is created equally, and unhealthy puppy food may create health problems for your dog later in life. Pet nutrition has finally gone mainstream, and pet owners know about the importance of a puppy's diet--it's just as significant as a human baby's diet. The best way to ensure the health and longevity of your dog is by starting him out on the best puppy food available.

Three of the top five pet food producers in the US are subsidiaries of multinational corporations; they buy inferior products (lower grade meats and animal by-products, for example) and turn them into inexpensive feed. While the content of their food is getting better, they still have a long way to go. Fortunately, healthy pet food manufacturers make puppy food and other pet products with your pet's health in mind.

What Healthy Puppy Food Does for Your Dog

A good puppy food will have higher levels of quality protein for muscle and organ development, and omega acids from fish oils for brain development and a luxurious coat. Your puppy food should also have a balanced amount of calcium for proper bone growth and digestive aids to prevent upset stomachs. A diet with lower calorie levels that mimics the post-weaning period prevents unnatural growth spurts that cause problems in large-breed dogs.

A quality puppy food allows your dog to start his life on the right foot--or four of them. Many commercial pet foods have too many calories or not enough essential nutrients (especially calcium) for your puppy. Many dog breeders and animal advocates recommend premium puppy foods for your dog's formative years.

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