Shiny Dog Coats

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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One of the most beautiful and obvious signs of a truly healthy dog is a shiny coat. Silky fur that glistens in the sun, is luxurious to the touch, and is easy to brush is the result of good nutrition, good grooming, and overall good health. Depending on the dog's breed, keeping her fur healthy can be easy or quite a bit of work.

The First Step to a Shiny Coat

The most important thing you can do to insure your pet's overall health and beautiful coat is to make sure you are providing proper nutrition at every meal and in every treat. This means food that contains only quality ingredients, preferably human grade, as well as the appropriate vitamins and minerals. Go beyond store brand pet foods. Remember to take your dog to the vet on a regular basis and to have her tested for internal parasites as recommended by your vet.

One of the best things you can do to keep your dog's coat shiny and soft is to groom her frequently. Look for fleas and ticks, and be sure to keep your pet on one of the new and very effective flea treatments. Use both a comb and brush on your dog. The comb will untangle her fur while the brush will help remove dander and dead surface hair. If you dog has soft, fine fur that gets matted easily, be sure to have her groomed regularly by a professional.

Protecting Healthy Fur

Not all pets need frequent baths. In fact, for some breeds, under certain conditions, frequent bathing can cause itching skin problems. Be sure to find a shampoo that is formulated specifically for pets. Human shampoos strip oils from hair and can leave a pet's skin dry and flaky. You might want to try one of the finishing sprays designed to seal the hair shaft while your pet is still wet. This makes the hair lay down and makes it easier to comb.

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