Vegetarian Pet Food

Written by Hoyt Neal, Jr.
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Thinking About Vegetarian Pet Food?

If you've been thinking that you might like to switch to vegetarian pet food for your best friend, you will find dozens of options right here online. One reason for the number of websites that offer vegetarian food is that most of the manufacturers are pet owners themselves. These are pet lovers who are dedicated to developing the best possible nutrition for their pets and yours.

They are not usually major manufacturers, but, rather, buy their ingredients in small quantities so that the foods they make are fresher and retain their nutritional value at the time that you buy them. Vegetarian foods for your pet are usually made using human grade ingredients and contain no chemical preservatives or dyes.

What You Should Know About Vegetarian Pet Food

Dogs are omnivores. This means that they can do well with either animal or vegetable protein. They can actually get all of their nutritional requirements from a vegetarian diet. The opposite is true of cats. Cats are true carnivores. Their systems are not designed to metabolize the elements in a vegetarian diet as completely as dogs. This means that they must obtain specific nutritional elements from animal protein. If you consider vegetarian food for your cat, you must discuss it with your vet in order to determine how best to get the right mix of nutrients and to find out if your cat has any conditions that would be worsened with synthetic additives.

You can, however, find great vegetarian food for your dog online. Many owners report better health, shinier coats, and overall improvement in their dog's demeanor when they were changed to a vegetarian diet. Again, any time you are considering a major change in your pet's diet, especially an older dog, you should discuss the change with your vet.

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