Wellness Dog Food

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Wellness Dog Food's promise is that its products are made with the finest of human grade ingredients and that they include no animal byproducts such as those commonly found in major brand name and even some premium dog foods. There contain no wheat, corn, soy, animal fat, or dairy products. In order to result in a dog food that is high in nutrients, Wellness is baked leaving it more digestible than store foods.

Buying Wellness Online

Wellness comes in both dry and canned food. Both have an amazing aroma that pets will love. With lamb and rice, chicken formula, and even fish and sweet potato dog food, Wellness offers a variety will that tempt any dog. While fish and sweet potato may sound like an odd combination for dog food, it is, in fact, one of the most allergen-free foods on the market.

Great puppy food and adult foods come in six, fifteen, and thirty pound bags. Canned foods come in 6.0 and 12.5 ounces and include all the flavors noted above. Both types of food are reasonably priced and can be bought online. Puppy food, in particular, is a healthy mix of deboned chicken, salmon, sweet potato, pears, bananas, and flaxseed, all of which provide a sound nutrient basis for growth.

Wellness Extras

This company also provides an extensive list of other products and supplies for your dog, including back packs, bowls, biscuits, and more. At an independent review site, all of the comments about Wellness food were positive, including those from one user whose ailing dog improved dramatically after starting on Wellness canned food.

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